I recently changed two settings on my phone. And it changed my life.

Sad, but true.

I'm not kidding either. No link bait here.

My focus and productivity have both increased 10X since making these two quick adjustments to my iPhone's settings (I'm sure you could do the same things on Android).

Here is what I did. It would take you less than two minutes to do the same:

1. I disabled audio (and vibration) alerts for text messages.

I still get alerts and badge notifications so that I don't miss anything important. I just found that the incessant beeping and buzzing with every new SMS coming in had gone too far.

Text alerts were my number one digital distraction. I haven't ONCE missed them.

I highly recommend doing this, now. You will be amazed at how often meaningless text alerts because someone replied "K" were occurring.

2. I turned all other alerts off, except badge app icons.

It's nice to know that someone tagged me in a post on Facebook or that my favorite team won their game, immediately. But I found that the only notification style I truly needed was the red number showing there was something new.

For me, the banners and box alerts which preview what's in the notification are much harder to ignore than the number without any additional context.

I also made sure to ONLY include badge app icons being turned on inside the apps I use daily. For anything else. I don't get any notification whatsoever. That way all my apps don't have red numbers by them. Just the handful I "power use"" or don't want to miss something important from do.

Small changes. Big results.

Not only will you thank me. The people around you will thank you.

Being less digitally distracted improves your work focus and deepens your personal relationships.

Two things much more important to stay "alert" about than our phones.